Our business model spans the end-to-end process that begins with a unique design inspiration and results in our customers experiencing and selecting from our latest collections. This process is made up of a number of steps collaboratively brought to life by our talented and committed team globally:

  • Our experienced and expert design team investigates the latest trends across the world’s fashion capitals and translates these designs into seasonal collections that, above all, reflect femi9's commitment to femininity, elegance and timelessness.
  • Our dedicated team in China oversees the production of samples and final collections, always committed to the highest standards of quality assurance.
  • Once the season’s orders are submitted and processed, our approved and expert manufacturing partners produce these collections to the highest standards and manufacturing specifications. We are committed to making sure that femi9 always remains a trusted brand for both style and quality among our discerning customers.

FEMI9 Vision

To reach the world with our feminine fashion experience

FEMI9 Mission

Committed and inspired to make every day a special occasion through elegant and affordable fashion


  • Each order is prepared, packed and ready to ship around the world.
  • Simultaneously, instructions on merchandising and window display design are communicated to all our stores, to ensure a consistent seasonal look and feel across the entire femi9 store network.
  • Our season-specific marketing campaign is developed to reflect the collections’ themes and the femi9 brand identity. This includes our highly anticipated seasonal catalogs, featuring our latest stunning destination shoots for each major collection, as well as our engaging digital and social media campaigns- all custom designed and launched to support each new collection.
  • Finally, our signature customer experience at the store comes to life. Supported through our ongoing training & development initiatives, our store team engages and consults with customers, inspiring and helping them to piece together a range of fashion possibilities.
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